The difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to optimisation to appear in the organic results of search engines such as Google, while SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to appearing in paid search results. The former requires optimization work and generating popularity that pays off in the long term, while the latter gets you visits from the beginning, but paying for each click from the search engine. Both are necessary in a digital marketing strategy. For more information, we recommend this article on the difference between SEO and SEM.

SEO is an essential cornerstone of any online marketing strategy. A business with a website that does not use SEO is losing out on potential customers, who could meet them for their products or services in a natural way, without having to pay for each visit. In fact, 93% of internet users use search engines such as Google to purchase goods or services. If you want more reasons to hire SEO, read this article.

The results of an SEO service cannot be expected in the short term, because they depend on many factors that search engine algorithms take into account. A minimum period of 6 – 12 months is usually needed, although it depends on the project objectives, the sector and the resources invested.

At SEOestudios we carry out an exhaustive analysis of both your company and your competitors. We will have the necessary data to develop the 360 strategy you need to beat them and get quality traffic to your website that converts into sales.

Of course, transparency is one of our company values. You will be informed of everything that happens with each of the services you hire with us. We will send you a monthly report with all the information regarding each marketing strategy in detail, and you will be able to keep in touch with our team whenever you want.

All social media platforms relevant to your business. We perform a study of your company and analyse where your target audience is in order to determine which social media platforms you should be present on. We are aware of new trends and will be able to adapt your strategy at any time.

Each month we will send you a report detailing the progress of each social media marketing strategy, as well as areas for improvement. We will show you the main KPIs such as engagement, reach and leads.

Not at all, you are the one who decides when each service starts and when it ends. We only ask you to give us one month’s notice so that we can close the work we have in progress for each period. We will always put at your disposal our experience and commitment to achieve your objectives, and we will adjust the strategies to your needs.

We use high quality technologies that allow us to create websites that are easy for you to use and that provide a good user experience for your customers. We use content management systems such as WordPress or Prestashop, so that you can update the content yourself without having to resort to a programmer. We can also offer you a customised website, without limits and adapted to your needs.

Depending on the marketing strategy to be analysed, some KPIs will be prioritized over others. Some of the most important metrics that help us to know the web analytics are: volume of visits, page views, bounce rate, unique visitors, conversion rate, visits to the product page or shopping cart abandonment, among others.